10 Common Air Conditioner Problems

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9 out of 10 households in the US have air conditioning of some sort. In Florida, we rely heavily on our AC units, thanks to the sweltering temperatures. And if your air conditioning happens to break down in the middle of a hot day, life can get pretty unbearable.

 So, if you are looking to keep your indoors cool and your family comfortable, you need to be aware of the common issues that plague AC systems.


It Won’t Cool Your Home

Your AC unit has always served you diligently, but lately, it’s not doing the job right. If it now takes too long to cool your home, ask yourself how well you follow the maintenance schedule. This issue commonly appears when the outdoor unit is neglected, and dirt accumulates on it, affecting airflow and performance.


It Won't Turn On

It’s pretty frustrating to turn on your air conditioner, and nothing happens. This could mean several things: Your thermostat is switched off or isn't on the correct setting, or the circuit breaker is tripped. If all looks fine, but you can’t seem to figure out the issue, it’s always best you consult a professional AC technician.


There Is Rust

The humid Florida ocean breeze and warm conditions are catalysts for rust. When you notice it on your outdoor AC unit, it’s an indicator of a looming issue. Moisture buildup on your system will cause corrosion of the electrical components; that could mean costly damage and a voided warranty.


Strange Noise

When you start hearing unusual AC noises, it’s a warning that a major problem is on the way. Whether it's a squealing, clicking, grinding, or rattling sound, you'll need to get a licensed HVAC technician to check out the issue.

Dirty Filter

A majority of AC issues stem from a dirty or clogged filter. That’s why it’s recommended you replace the air filter every 30 days. Change your filter frequently to prolong the life of your AC unit and improve indoor air quality.


Fan failure

If the fan of your outdoor air conditioning unit malfunctions, it could render the entire AC useless. The problem may stem from a faulty motor, friction due to lack of a lubricant, damaged belts, or dirt. If you delay, it may cause a compressor failure, which means an AC replacement.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils absorb indoor heat and turn it into cold air. If your AC doesn't get enough air, the evaporator coil freezes, and your home starts receiving warm air or none at all. The source of the issue may be a dirty filter, blocked vents, or low refrigerant levels.


Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a compressed gas that helps cool down air coming through the condenser. With time, this coolant may leak, affecting the performance of your unit. Not only this, a leak could endanger your family as the compound is poisonous. 


Dead Compressor

The compressor is an integral part of your AC, pumping energy through the condenser coil in the outdoor unit and facilitating air exchange. When it fails to run, it could mean it is worn out, or the start capacitor has malfunctioned.


Duct Leaks

 When there are holes or issues with your ductwork, cooled air doesn't reach the places it's intended to go. It may escape in the walls or ceiling. Your home will feel warmer, and your system will work harder, driving up your energy bill.


Talk to a Licensed and Insured AC Technician in Florida

 In sun-soaked Florida, there is always the constant quest to feel cool. So, knowing when your system is about to break down will help you call in a local AC technician on time to perform timely repairs.

Whenever you need a reliable AC contractor in Sarasota or Bradenton, FL, feel free to get in touch with Veteran Air—a dedicated and trustworthy company.

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