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AC Unit Maintenance Tips

It is not always necessary for a professional to be present to conduct a regular AC unit maintenance. The truth is, you need them, at least, for the annual checkup of your air conditioning unit. However, that is not the only time that you need to check on your cooling system. There are maintenance tips that you need to implement in between to ensure that nothing is compromising the performance of your unit.

When it comes to your AC unit, prevention is also considered a cure. While the parts will go through the normal wear and tear, you can prolong the life of your unit if you take care of it properly. Some parts need regular cleaning. Some parts do not need replacement if the damage can be spotted early on.

The AC unit maintenance efforts that you need to do are not really complicated. However, you need to get to know the different parts of your cooling system so you can implement it correctly.
This is probably the most crucial of all the maintenance tasks that you need to do. It is also the easiest. Changing the filter of your AC unit is a must. It is the one thing that cleans the air that comes into your home from the outside. Naturally, the filter will get dirty over time. If you do not change it, it can compromise the air that is circulating inside your home. The dirty air can eventually lead to respiratory problems for you and your family. Not only that, a clean air filter can reduce the energy consumption of the AC unit by 5% to 15%. Get to know the filter that the AC unit is using. Some of them are replaceable while others are reusable. Most filters require changing or cleaning every 2 months. Some might be more frequent if you have pets or if you are in a dirty environment (e.g. near construction sites, etc).
The next part that you need to look into is the air conditioner coil. When you conduct your AC unit maintenance routine, you have to check both the evaporator coil and also the condenser coil. Both of them accumulate dirt over time. If you clean your filter regularly this will not need cleaning for a long time. Once a year would suffice. For the outdoor condenser coil – this will depend on the surroundings. If it gets naturally dirty and dusty, frequent cleaning may be required. Dirty coils will compromise the performance of the AC unit so you need to pay attention to these parts.
Coil Fins
The aluminum fins of these coils can also end up being deformed over time. This can compromise the flow of air through the coil. There is a tool that you can buy to comb these fins back into their original position.

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