Could Installing a UV Light System Help You Fight the Coronavirus?

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In the face of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Florida homeowners are scrambling to find reliable ways of fighting viruses and keeping their families safe.

While dousing your home in Lysol and bleach is certainly an option, the expert Bradenton HVAC technicians at Veteran Air might have another more practical solution—installing a top-of-the-line ultraviolet (UV) light system!

This innovative technology can provide a simple solution to help you prevent the spreading of dangerous illnesses throughout your household.

How Does UV Light Work Against Viruses like the Coronavirus and Flu?

Research has shown that when UV light technology is emitted in wavelengths from 200-280 nanometers, it is highly effective in killing off virus-causing germs and bacteria. This type of technology is frequently used in places like hospitals and airports.

Studies have even proven that UV light is effective against flu-like illnesses. Since the Coronavirus has properties similar to the flu, it’s likely UV-emitting devices will also work to kill off the germs that cause it.

Adding UV Light Technology to Your Bradenton/Sarasota HVAC System

There are various UV light systems available to help support your Bradenton heating and air conditioning unit.

These systems are placed directly inside your HVAC unit. Once introduced into the system, indoor air that passes through the UV light system will be sterilized to reduce the number of airborne viral pathogens that your family is breathing in.

Studies have shown that these types of systems are capable of reducing germs and bacteria by up to 90%.

UV light systems are easily installed and simple to maintain. They also require very little in the way of usability training. Just place them into your HVAC system, and you’ll have fresh, clean indoor air in around 30 minutes.

Installing a UV Light System to Protect Your Family from the Coronavirus and Other Illnesses

In addition to other air quality control options, Veteran Air is a leader in UV light installation services for Bradenton homeowners.

Washing your hands and scrubbing countertops can only take you so far. If you want to best protect your family from the dangers of viruses like COVID-19, why not consider enhancing the quality of your HVAC system for better indoor air?

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of UV light systems, give our top-rated technicians a call today or fill out our easy-to-use online form. 941-404-1788

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