Effective Ways To Keep Mold Out Of Your Home In Florida

Do you want to keep mold out of your Florida home? In this state, mold can be a huge problem because of the humidity in the region. Having molds in your home is a huge problem because it results in poor quality of air in your home. It can lead to health problems – specifically in your respiratory system.
But beyond the health concerns, molds can also destroy your home. It can effectively lower the value of your home and ultimately compromise its structure. If you leave it to grow, it might cost you a lot of money to renovate and completely remove it from your home.
The good news is, you do not have to suffer the destructive and unsanitary effects of these molds. There are effective ways for you to keep mold out of your home – even if the humidity level in Florida gets really high. Here are three in particular that you can implement to keep molds from developing in your home.

Be careful of areas where moisture content is high
These places include the kitchen and bathroom areas. Mold usually thrives where there is an excessive amount of moisture. There are little things that you can do to keep molds from forming. For instance, when you are taking a shower, you should remember to open a window to let steam out. Or you can use a fan to do it. In case water is spilled, wipe it with a towel. Do not leave it for later. After all, you do not want anyone to slip. You need to be careful especially when you have areas in your home that is made of wood.

Check humidity levels in Florida
It pays to be in the know – even when it comes to the weather. In Florida, the humidity level can reach 100%. But that is outside. The same does not have to be true in your home. You should be careful to keep the humidity level in your house within 30% to 60%. This will keep spores from thriving in your home. Most of the new models of HVAC systems are equipped to regulate the humidity level in your house. But in case yours cannot do that, you can use a portable home dehumidifier.

Look out for molds in your plants
Having indoor plants can be very beneficial. It adds to the beauty of your home and at the same time, it can also improve the quality of air inside. It is known to help with air pollution. While these benefits should not be ignored, you have to look out for molds growing in your house because of these plants. The moist in the soil can lead to the growth of spores. Fortunately, there is a way to keep this from happening. You can use a fungicide to kill any spores that you see in the soil. Do not worry because using the right kind can contribute to the health of your plant. And with healthy houseplants, you can surely see an improvement in air quality in your home.
As you can see, it is possible to keep mold out of your home even if the humidity level in Florida can get really high. You just have to know the right practices and habits to implement. Of course, keeping your HVAC system clean or updating it to a new model will keep the moisture down in your home too. That is how you can prevent molds from spreading within the house.

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