Inviting service workers into your home can be a nerve-wrecking and confusing process. Your home is your haven, and you want to ensure the heating and air conditioning company you welcome in is one with integrity and outstanding quality, like the service you receive from Veteran Air Conditioning.
We’ll walk you through five steps to help you choose the right company for you to help you find the right heating and air conditioning company in the greater Sarasota area.

Take a look at licenses and credentials

Before you do heating and air conditioning company research, take a look at your own equipment so you know what type of unit you have. This will help you know what certifications and licenses to look for.
You’ll want to have experts for your unit come in to complete the work because there can be nuances to different systems. Service companies will also ask questions about your unit when you call to schedule so this is good information to know at the onset of your research.
Veteran Air Conditioning professionals are factory trained to work on your system, so you receive service you can trust. We provide these trained professionals for all makes and models.
Investigate warranty information
Heating and air conditioning companies should feel confident enough in their own work that they provide a strong warranty for service provided. This will be an important aspect in which company you choose.
Review the company website for providers you’re considering. Look for commitment to quality. You’ll find this in their about us in how they talk about caring for your home and in their warranty for work provided.
If the company doesn’t list its warranty, that’s not to say they don’t have one. Feel free to reach out and ask about their service warranty. The warranty should be in writing on the quote you agree to as well.
Veteran Air Conditioning provides a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in the work we provide.
Research energy efficiencies and discuss with prospective service companies
Do some research on energy efficiencies and upgrades you can make to your system. You’ll want to know the total cost of a unit if you need to replace your heating and air conditioning unit in your home.
Be sure to talk to prospective companies about what units they provide and install because if your new unit is less efficient, your total cost will be greater in the end as heating and air condition systems last many years with proper maintenance.
Veteran Air Conditioning is happy to work with you to choose the right system for your home and your budget – both for install and long-term heating and A/C bills.
Meet with the company and get a quote
Once you have an idea of which companies you like in your area, invite a couple in to provide a quote. The company should make you feel at ease about having the service technician in your home. The technician should explain what they’re seeing so the quote doesn’t seem arbitrary to you.
Openness and honesty builds trust, so you should feel good about the company when they leave your home. Most home owners are not experts in heating and air conditioning making this information from the technician really help to put your mind at ease.
Veteran Air Conditioning was founded on integrity, respect and honor. We invest in our community through providing service to veterans who can’t afford it so that you know the money you spend with us is going back to the community you love.
Review the written proposal or quote
Once you have a quote, review the information. Does the cost with parts and labor match fair market value? If you’re unsure of what all is included in the quote, be sure to call and ask follow-up questions, such as removal and disposal of your old system in the case of a replacement.
With 24/7 service, you can count on Veteran Air Conditioning to be there when you need us, at a cost you can afford. Call us with your questions any time.
But these aren’t just claims we make as a company. You can read our reviews to see what our clients say about our service-with-integrity mindset. Our goal is to keep you comfortable in your home. Allow us to come out and quote your service to see the difference in person.

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