How To Prepare For A Hurricane

You have to learn how to prepare for a hurricane to help you survive the ordeal. A hurricane is a powerful force of nature. It is defined as a very strong storm that forms over the open waters. As it moves over the water towards land, it continues to gain strength.

Hurricanes can bring about destruction wherever it passes because of the strong winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, storm surges, tornadoes, and even rip currents. This is why it is important for everyone to be prepared before a hurricane strikes because if you fail to do so, it can possibly cost your life and the complete destruction of your property.
Important tips that you need to do to prepare for a hurricane

Know when the hurricane will strike. This will give you an idea how much time you have left to prepare.
Find out where you need to go in case of an evacuation. Sometimes, it is possible to ride out a storm at home. But if there is heavy flooding, you might be forced to evacuate. Make sure you know where to go. The local emergency management agency should have the information you need.
Prepare your go-bag. This is the bag that you will carry with you in case you need to leave immediately. This bag should contain only the essentials – mostly the disaster supply kit. This includes your flashlight, extra batteries, cash, medications, first aid kit, and copies of information about yourself. Try to prepare one go-bag for each member of the family and store it where it can be easily picked-up.
Plan a meeting place for the whole family. Although there is usually a warning before a hurricane strikes, there might be a possibility that you will get separated from loved ones. Make sure everyone is aware of a specific meeting place where you will all go. This should be a safe place that is most unlikely to be left devastated by the hurricane.
Get enough supplies for the house. If you intend to ride out the hurricane at home, you need to make sure you have enough supplies to last you a long time. Stock up on water and food. Try to get the type of food that you can eat even without cooking – as the utilities might be temporarily cut off while the hurricane is still raging. Buy emergency lights in case the power goes out. You should also put enough gas in your car – in case you are forced to travel far.

Preparing your home for the hurricane
Your home should also prepare for a hurricane. Most of the time, it is your home that will bear the force of this storm. Here are some tips that you should help your home survive.

Cut any branches or trees that might fall on your house.
Make sure gutters and downspouts are not clogged to prevent water damage.
Reinforce the roof to avoid leaks and make sure windows and doors (including garage doors) are fitted tight.

When something goes loose outside during the hurricane, do not go outside to fix it. There is nothing you can do at the moment. If you go outside, you might get hurt by flying debris. Stay indoors and try to reinforce your house so you stay safe inside.
What to do when the hurricane is upon you
The important thing to remember is not to panic. If you took the time to prepare for a hurricane, you have nothing to worry about. Try to keep communicating with family, friends, and neighbors. If possible, meet beforehand or discuss possible evacuation plans and routes you can do together. Remember that as a group, you are stronger because there are more hands to help.

It is also a must that you keep up with the news. The local government is prepared for these events but you need to listen and follow what the officials have to say. When they tell you that it is not safe and that you should evacuate, do as they say and secure your home and your lives.

In case you decide to stay at home, try to stay away from the windows. Refrain from going outside too. If the power is still on, keep your TV on the news to get updates. You should also keep your freezer to the highest temperature. That way, frozen food can stay cold longer. Make sure that your mobile phone is charged so you have a means to get in touch with other people or call for help when needed.

If the lights go out, make sure you have a portable radio on standby so you can keep on listening to what is happening. Do not forget that the eye of the storm can be deceiving. It feels like the calm after the storm but the truth is, you are still at the midpoint. There is a possibility that things can get worse so stay alert and prepared.

It may be daunting and intimidating but you can survive this phenomenon if you take the time to prepare for a hurricane.

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