How & Why to Clean Your AC Ducts

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There is much debate as to how frequently air conditioning ducts should be cleaned. Some HVAC experts insist airducts should be cleaned once every couple years. Other industry insiders insist a cleaning should be performed on an annual or biennial basis. Some even argue homeowners can go as long as three or four years before cleaning their ducts. In general, new AC systems with recently installed ducts can go at least two years before a cleaning. Otherwise, you are best served with a bi-annual duct cleaning. Our AC repair team is here to perform this cleaning so you don’t have to get down and dirty.

Why AC Ducts Need to be Cleaned

There might be several inches of dust, dirt, grime, allergens, pollutants and other gunk in your home’s air ducts. However, you will not know how much grime has accumulated in your home or business’s air ducts unless the vent covers are removed and an in-depth inspection is performed. Our team is here to inspect your air ducts and clean out all the dirt on your behalf.

If your home’s air ducts are like most others, there is likely a considerable amount of dirt, dust and other gunk built up. The failure to clean such unsavory particles out of your air ducts, will cause them to circulate throughout your living space every time the air turns on. Take a moment to think about the implications of breathing in dirt, dust, allergens and other grime. These particles will inevitably compromise your respiratory system as well as your overall health. The solution is AC air duct cleaning performed by Veteran Air Conditioning.

Let the Professionals Clean Your Air Ducts

Do not fall into the trap of assuming you can clean your home or business’s air ducts on your own. Even a slight mistake will result in the inhalation of nasty particles. The best Bradenton/Sarasota AC company has the specialized protective equipment and tools necessary to clean the entirety of your air ducts without sending these potentially harmful particles into the air. Let us do the dirty work and you will be able to kick back and relax, knowing your home’s air ducts are receiving a thorough cleaning.

Skip your biennial air duct cleaning and you, your loved ones and pets will inevitably breathe in harmful pollutants, animal droppings and other particles. These particles will make it difficult to maintain optimal health, causing you to miss that much more time at work. The little bit of money you spend for professional air duct cleaning will save you that much more across the long haul as you will spend less money on doctor copay visits, miss less time at work and enjoy improved health.

You Need and Deserve Comprehensive Air Duct Cleaning

While some Sarasota and Bradenton AC companies will perform a superficial air duct cleaning with minimal effort in order to make a quick buck, we dedicate the time and effort necessary to perform a truly comprehensive cleaning. Our AC specialists open all access ports/doors to ensure the entirety of the system is properly inspected and cleaned. If there are any materials that contain asbestos, be it a register boot or insulation, we will implement specialized cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of our team and your loved ones. We even go to the extent of using specialized vacuum equipment to ensure even the smallest particles are sucked up out of the vents. Furthermore, we perform air duct cleanings in a careful and measured manner to protect client carpets, household furnishings and other belongings.

Air Conditioning & Heating is on Your Side

The best Bradenton/Sarasota AC company is a call away. If your home’s vents have not been cleaned in the past couple years, they are due for an in-depth cleaning. Our local AC company is here to do the dirty work on your behalf. We can also inspect your AC system and perform essential maintenance during our visit. Give us a call today at (941) 404-1788 to schedule an appointment.

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