HVAC Problems That Can Compromise Your Health

Did you know that a broken HVAC system can lead to a couple of illnesses? That is one more thing that you need to worry about if your air conditioning unit starts acting up.

Your air conditioner is not just responsible for making you feel cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter. While this is the primary job of your A/C unit, it also has other functions. One of these is making sure that you have a high quality of air circulating in your home.

When your family inhales good air, that will help make them healthier. After all, oxygen is needed in our body and it helps our organs function well. But if we are constantly inhaling bad air, that can take its toll in our bodies. It can lead to a lot of health issues that you may not be prepared to deal with. If you do not do something about your A/C unit, it might lead to serious ailments.

Here are the three health issues that can result from HVAC problems.
Dust can lead to breathing problems
When dust accumulates, it can lead you to have trouble breathing. This dust may be caused by your own inability to clean your home. Or, it can be caused by a nearby construction site that is increasing the air pollution in your area. While your HVAC system cleans the air before it is circulated in your home, the filter will soon be filled with dirt. If you do not replace it with a new one, that can compromise the air that passes through the A/C unit from the outside. It will no longer be cleaned as much as it has to. Not only that, the air ducts in your house may be clogged with dirt. This can reduce the performance of your heating and cooling unit. You need to maintain your unit so it can clean the air being circulated in your home.
Condensation problems can trigger respiratory ailments
Sometimes, when condensation is formed in the HVAC system, it can lead to molds inside the unit. While condensation happens, it should not form in the coils or ducts of the unit. The dripping water should be removed or drained well. If the drainage system is clogged, that can keep the water inside the A/C unit. When air passes through the mold, it can trigger chronic respiratory ailments like asthma or bronchitis.
Low quality of air can cause headaches
When you fail to clean or maintain your heating and cooling unit properly, that can compromise the quality of the air in your home. Dirty A/C units are prone to the growth of bad bacteria and molds. When this happens, that bacteria will travel inside your home. It can bring sickness inside the house. Not only that, the exposure to molds can trigger severe headaches or even migraine. This is why you need to make sure that the airflow in your home is clean and fresh.

To avoid all of these health issues, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is clean and well-maintained. It does not take a lot of work to clean it regularly. However, you need to hire someone to professionally clean it at least once a year. It will not only lead to a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning unit, it will also help spot any damage or repairs needed.

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