Importance of Regular HVAC Service

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If your home has an HVAC system, it's vitally important to schedule regular service on a seasonal basis. A skilled technician will visit your home and take care of basic maintenance tasks, keeping your system working at its best so that it can heat and cool your home optimally. Without this seasonal maintenance, you may notice a decline in function, allergens creeping in to your home, and that your system simply doesn't work as efficiently over time.

There are numerous reasons to schedule ongoing maintenance, including the following:

Improve System Function

Regular HVAC service helps keep your system functioning at its best. Routine HVAC service typically includes cleaning your ducts, changing the system's filters, and checking for any major problems. This means that you'll be able to find any issues with your system before they turn into major problems. While it can be tempting to skip service if your system seems like it's working well, it's actually quite important to schedule it on a recurring basis no matter how well your HVAC system is functioning. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid major repair bills down the road, so take the time to schedule these services on a seasonal basis.

Eliminate Allergens

Ongoing HVAC service will also help you eliminate allergens from your home. If you have pets living in your home, your HVAC filter helps eliminate their dander from the air that you breathe. It also filters out dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants. If your air filter becomes clogged or is not regularly changed, individuals in your home may experience respiratory symptoms. If you have allergy sufferers living in your home, it's also important to have the duct work cleaned regularly. Allergens and air pollutants can build up in the duct work, causing issues when your family breathes them in.

Reduce Energy Bills

If your HVAC system is not clean and well maintained, it will not work optimally. This can mean that it uses far more energy than it needs to in order to function. If you notice that your energy bills are creeping up, or if you simply want to keep your bills as low as possible, consider having your HVAC unit serviced. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference it makes once you start taking optimal care of your system.

Scheduling ongoing maintenance for your home's HVAC system will help ensure that it always works at its best. Veteran Air can evaluate your system, determine any issues that you have, and help determine the best ways to maintain your system on an ongoing basis.

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