Important Tips For That Regular AC Tuning Up

Conducting regular AC tuning up routine is important if you want to prolong the life of your HVAC system. While it will naturally go through its usual wear and tear, letting it go through maintenance checks and repairs will give it a longer lifespan. Although some of the things that you will do will cost you money, it will not be as much as what you have to spend to get a new AC unit.

Fortunately for you, there are a few simple things that you can do to tune up your AC – especially during the hot summer months when it will be used 24/7. Now that the winter season is going to end soon, you may want to work on your HVAC system so it is prepared for the next few months. It is not just about aiming for a longer lifespan – it is also to help your unit work efficiently so it consumes less energy. All in all, this will help you save money in terms of repairs, replacements, and energy consumption.

Here are the different AC tuning up tasks that you need to look into.
Clean the air filter
Start by cleaning the air filters. This is important because it will keep the quality of air in your home high. If you have a central air, you probably have to look at the air handler in the furnace. There should be an intake duct near it. This is where you will find the air filter. In case you have a window unit, the filter is behind the front cover. If the air filter is dirty, you can assume two things. First of all, the quality of air in your home is compromised. If someone is feeling sick or having a hard time breathing, this might be the cause of it. Another thing is the fact that your AC unit is probably working harder than it has to. This will increase your monthly energy consumption and make you pay more than you have to. Usually, the filter has to be replaced every 30 to 90 days – especially if you are using the AC unit for longer periods.
Check the exterior unit and condenser coil
Apart from the air filter, you should also check the condenser coil in the exterior unit of the HVAC system. You need to make sure it is clean. This should be done once a year to keep the AC unit working efficiency. When it is dirty, the coil gets too hot and will compromise the efficiency of the unit. The copper tube that connects the outside unit from the inside will give you a hint if the coil is running too hot. Usually, this will require a professional to work on and make sure it is back in working order. They should be able to identify if the unit needs a refrigerant to work.
Automate the AC
Another thing that you can do during the AC tuning up is to set it to AUTO. Although there are extreme weather conditions that will make your AC unit working longer hours, there are usually times when you do not need it. For instance, if there is nobody at home, you can lower the temperature. Do not turn it off. Doing so will make the AC unit work harder to cool the house. Lowering the thermostat will do the trick. Of course, some people want their homes to have a comfortable temperature when they get home. This can easily be arranged by setting the AC the right temperature an hour or so before you arrive. Not only will this lower your energy consumption and utility bills, it will also give the unit some time to rest and keep it from overworking itself.

As you can see, these AC tuning up tips will help take care of your unit and make sure its efficiency is not compromised in any way. These maintenance tips will allow you to identify bigger problems and solve them immediately.

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