Summer is just around the corner, and that means long hot days that put extra pressure on your home’s airconditioning (AC) system. Spring is the perfect time to turn your attention to your HVAC system, making sure that it is good working order and prepared for the hot months ahead.

Keeping your indoor air quality high, and the temperature cool during the summer months is essential to your family’s health and happiness. Your AC system is responsible for maintaining your comfort level indoors, and it is imperative that you make sure it is ready and able to do its job.

Replace The Filters

You can start by replacing the filters, which is the most cost effective and important way to prepare your AC for the summer. Filters should be replaced at least quarterly in order to keep them free from buildup that can block the flow of air. Proper air flow is required to keep the system cooling properly, if filters are clogged it can mean disaster for your system.

Once you have replaced your filter, its a good idea to clean away any brush and debris that may have gathered around your AC unit. Making sure your unit has enough space for air flow will help it do its job more efficiently.

Check The Insulation

Checking the AC unit’s insulation is also key. The coolant lines that connect your AC unit to your home should be covered in insulation. If you notice that this insulation is cracked, damaged, or missing altogether, you will need to make a note of it and contact your technician at Veteran Air who will schedule an appointment and make the necessary repairs.

Perform A Test Run

Turning on your AC before the heat of summer hits is an important measure to take that will ensure you are not left to swelter in the high temps waiting on repairs to be made. This test run can give you important feed back such as if the unit is cooling correctly, if your thermostats are controlling the unit properly, and if the air flow amount is conducive to your home’s cooling needs.

Schedule A Tune Up Having your AC unit tuned and checked once a year will also keep it running smoothly for you all summer long. Veteran Air is happy to set up a routine maintenance schedule for your AC system as well as take care of any problems that your system may be experiencing. Don’t let the hot summer days cause your AC to struggle to cool your home, call Veteran Air today and make sure you and your family are comfortable all year long.

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