When planning a remodeling project, remember that there are many things to consider.  You need to think of function, square footage, design, etc. All of this affects how well your remodeling project turns out. Like a lot of things, it is essential to think about planning. However, it is important to note that planning goes a long way in ensuring that the remodel or addition goes smoothly. One area you want to pay particular attention to during remodeling is your home’s HVAC system because your home’s comfort relies so much on the system.  Since your home’s comfort depends so much on the temperature and ventilation provided by this system, here are some things to consider for the overall remodeling outcome.
Keep your existing HVAC system protected.
One of the potential problems that come with any home renovation is the possibility of accidentally getting some small particles of dust in the air. The dust that makes its way into your home’s HVAC can prevent your appliance from functioning at its highest efficiency. It is recommended you add a new HVAC system or you prepare your HVAC system for assistance with one or more of these great suggestions:

The contractor can build a negative airflow environment in the room they are in or be sealed up with Negative Pressure Ventilation. To do this, the walls need to be washed of all the dust that has accumulated. NPV is the extraction of air and suction into a structure using a machine that sucks. NPV uses a combination of closing all of the doors and placing a window fan in the attic to circulate air.
To prevent dirt from entering the air ducts during remodeling, it would help if you had all the registers and doors closed and taped up. Be careful and make sure only to mark off a specific number of registers in a change process. This could lessen your system’s efficiency as you may end up needing to do extra changes in the future, decreasing your productivity.

Find how to connect to your existing systems.
After remodeling, you’re likely going to need to heat and cool the additional space in the future. To understand how your new addition will tie into your existing HVAC system or determine if you need to add a new system, you first must understand the technology and process behind it. In most cases, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professional can help you determine if your existing HVAC system can handle the increase in load and how the ductwork will line up into the new addition. Sometimes you may have to either update your existing system to have centralized air inside the additional room or buy a new AC system to have centralized air in that room.
Make up your mind if you want a new ductless system.
It’s possible that there may not be any way for you to connect your home’s existing ducts or that it may be too difficult to blend in your new home features. In this case, installing a new ductless system might be the best choice for you. By installing the units where you wish to without having to run your added ducts throughout the additions, you have given yourself the freedom to place wall units where you want. For some people, it might be more complicated than you realize.  Consult Veteran Air for more information, and our HVAC Pros will come to your home to take a look and assist you in determining the best option for your home remodeling project.
Veteran Air Conditioning and Heating services give your HVAC system careful consideration throughout a remodeling process. In the entire Sarasota/Bradenton and surrounding cities, our team of specialists will work with you to decide how to cool and heat your new space and help with some of our suggestions on protecting your existing system during the remodeling process. Give us a call today (941)-404-1788.

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