Heating your home costs more money and uses more energy than any other system found in your home. In fact, it makes up approximately 42% of your total utility costs. If you are like most homeowners, you probably want to find ways to reduce heating costs while remaining warm and comfortable indoors. 
While this can be challenging, you can use a few tips to help along the way. Keep reading to learn what these tips are. 
Use Your Home’s Curtains 
The heat from the sun is free, so you should make the most of this. Open up your blinds and curtains and let the sunlight come in. When the sun goes down, you can close your blinds and curtains, which provides an additional layer of insulation, which will help keep the warmth inside your home. 
It is also a good idea to check for any gaps or leaks in your windows or doors. If there are issues, warm air may escape, leaving you cold and uncomfortable. Also, by sealing any problem areas, you can reduce condensation. 
Use Timers on Your Heating System 
Setting a timer on your heating system to turn the unit on a bit earlier – like 30 minutes before you wake up each day – but at a lower temperature is much more affordable than turning it on when you want it to be warmer. That is because the heating unit will heat at a constant rate, regardless of what temperature you have set it at. However, do not leave the heat on all day, especially if you are not going to be home. If you do, you are just throwing money out the windows.
Move the Couch
While it may feel nice to have your favorite sofa or chair in front of your heating vent, it absorbs the heat that may warm the home. When you move it away from the heating system, the hot air will circulate more easily. The same is true for your home’s curtains. Keep them away from the vents to get the most out of the heating system you use. 
Maximize Your Home’s Insulation 
A lot of your home’s heat is lost through the root. You can reduce this heat loss by simply installing more insulation in the attic. If you are not sure if this is necessary, it is good to call the professionals for an inspection. They can let you know what steps to take to reduce heat loss, keep your home warmer, more comfortable, and minimize heating costs. 
Is Your Home Warm and Cozy?
Is your home comfortable? Or are you uncomfortable when you spend time inside on cold winter days? If you need help improving home comfort, it may be time to call the professionals for a full inspection and evaluation. They can find any issues and help ensure they are repaired promptly. Being informed and knowing how to stay warm and reduce costs is essential.

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