With hurricane season around the corner, many Florida homeowners are starting to think about what type of storm preparations they need to do.

From preparing a hurricane emergency kit to purchasing new window shutters, local residents will go to great lengths to protect their families and homes from damage during a storm. With all of this prep work underway, have you ever stopped to think about what your HVAC system needs during the storm?

We Floridians know how vital our air conditioning units are—especially during the summer months! That’s why Veteran Air is here to help bring you the top 3 hurricane protection tips you need to keep your HVAC unit safe during a storm.

Lower Your Home’s Temperature Before a Storm Hits

Let’s call this a worst-case scenario: a hurricane blows through your local area in the middle of summer. You lose power, and likewise, you lose access to the cool air comfort of your AC. Why not prepare for this scenario by cooling off your house ahead of time?

If you know a bad storm is about to go by, lower the temperature on your thermostat. This will ensure that while your house will eventually start to heat up, you’ll have more comfortable interior temperatures for longer.

Protect Your HVAC Unit from Flying Debris and Flooding

If you’re expecting hurricane-force winds, there’s a good chance debris will be flying around your home. Yard debris, like tree limbs, can cause serious damage if they land on your HVAC system. By using tarps and plywood to cover your unit, you can protect it from possible damage. Just remember to remove the coverings as soon as possible, so retained moisture doesn’t cause mold and mildew growth.

If you live in a possible flood zone, it’s also helpful to find ways to lift your AC unit off the ground, so it’s not standing in water.

Inspect the Unit for Possible Problems Before Turning It Back On

As anxious as you’ll be to turn your unit back on after a storm, be sure to inspect it for any damages. If you notice a problem, you’ll need to call expert HVAC technicians like Veteran Air to come evaluate the situation.

Find Out More About Prepping Your HVAC Unit Before a Storm

With decades of experience as a top-rated HVAC company in Bradenton, FL, Veteran Air has the knowledge and skills needed to help protect your air conditioning unit during a hurricane or storm. If you have questions about what you need to do to get ready, our expert staff is here to help.

Call us today at 941-404-1788 to speak with our customer service representatives. Or, simply fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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