We all love to hang on to good things. But when it comes to some kitchen appliances—like the garbage disposal unit, we need to learn when to let go. These fixtures are exposed to everything from food scraps, grease, bones to even accidental spoon drops, accelerating their wear. According to experts, the average lifespan of a garbage disposal is 12 years. But this doesn’t mean it can’t break sooner. Here, we will help you identify the signs of a failing garbage disposal.
Lingering Foul Odors
When a persistent funky smell comes from your garbage disposal, it’s an indicator that something is awfully wrong. These foul odors stem from food waste and moisture that is lodged in the disposal. If the odor won’t go away even after frequently cleaning it with water, baking soda, and vinegar, you’ll need to call a plumber to remove the trapped particles. If the problem keeps recurring, a garbage disposal replacement should be your next option.
Strange Noises
You’ve owned your unit for a couple of years now, and you know it works silently. If you’re now hearing unusual noises, whether a grinding, humming, or rattling noise, it could be a sign of damage. Either some silverware fell inside and is obstructing the blades, or some components such as the motor are not functioning effectively. A professional plumber can perform a garbage disposal inspection to get to the root of the problem. But if it needs a major repair, it’s safer to swap it out.

Decline in Performance 

If your garbage disposal isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do—effortlessly shredding food waste into tiny bits and preventing clogs, it’s time to get a new one. When it starts taking too long to drain water and break down food waste, shuts itself off without reason, and you find yourself hitting the reset button too often, then its best years are behind it. 
Ways to Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal
Persistent water leakage, a renovation that requires a sink replacement, and the desire to upgrade to a more powerful or quiet unit may also force you to shop for a new garbage disposal.
To increase your unit’s lifespan, work closely with an experienced plumber in Florida when you detect any of the above signs. Plus, follow these tips.
Clean with Cold Water – It’s easy to think that cleaning your garbage disposal with boiling water will effectively remove any items stuck on the inside. But in fact, it softens these particles, making them stick to the blade and pipes. Hot water should only be used once a month to flush the disposal. For regular cleaning, stick with cold water.
Dispose of the Proper Foods – If you are wondering which items should never go through the garbage disposal, it will first depend on your device’s power and the manufacturer’s recommendation. Generally, it’s not safe to put bones, egg shells, grease, coffee grinds, pasta, fibrous veggies-like celery, and potato peels.
Use Some Citrus Once in a While – Once a week, turn on your garbage disposal and feed it with orange, lemon, or lime peels. This natural remedy will dislodge particles that are stuck on the blades and ward off those unpleasant smells.
Consult Veteran Air & Plumbing About Your Garbage Disposal Issue
Only a professional plumber has the expertise to inspect, repair, and replace a garbage disposal. Our dedicated and dependable team of plumbers in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL, can diagnose and fix minor and major garbage disposal issues and guide you through the buying process. Call us anytime or schedule an appointment.

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