Whether it’s to install a more efficient AC unit or to tune up your existing system, tackling an HVAC replacement, repair, or maintenance task is a very technical job. And after investing so much in the heating and cooling unit, you’ll want to hire the right professionals to take care of it. Your comfort, health, and safety depend on the HVAC company you choose.
Use the tips below to find the best air conditioning service in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL.
Be Knowledgeable About What You Want
While many HVAC companies are honest, there are always some bad apples. The first way you can protect yourself from unscrupulous people is to research the service you want.
If you want an AC unit replacement, learn the latest models, the current technologies, and how much they cost. If you want a repair, read about common issues and what causes them. Additionally, learn the brand, model, and maintenance history of your system to help the potential contractors understand your heating and cooling needs.
Ask for Recommendations
You don’t have to search for an HVAC company all on your own. Friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers hold valuable information that can help you locate the best HVAC contractor in your location.
Write down the names of the companies they call whenever they encounter HVAC issues and ask them what they think about the contractor’s services, professionalism, pricing, and support. After gathering the recommendations, you can now contact each company in your list and narrow down your options.
Only Consider an HVAC Contractor with these Credentials
Your next step is to make sure you’re talking to an HVAC contractor who has the proper credentials. Here’s what to look for:

Licensing – Check whether the technician has a valid license issued by an accredited body. Certified HVAC professionals undergo extensive training, lengthy field practice and pass a written exam, making them a safe bet.

Insurance – The HVAC expert should have insurance that protects them in case they suffer an injury on the job and covers you in case your property suffers damage. It should also protect you when contract disagreements emerge.

Experience – A contractor may have all the right paperwork, but you’ll need to know they have the expertise needed to handle the most complex HVAC repairs. Working with a company that has been in business for many years will give you a better sense of confidence and peace of mind.

Ask for Referrals and Make Calls
An HVAC company that’s ready to provide multiple referrals is a good indicator that you’ll get a good service. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to follow up on the referrals. Make sure you call each contact to extract essential information about the company, its service, performance, and customer care.
Don’t stop there; search for online reviews and ratings, and look at what customers are saying on the company’s social media pages.
Compare Contractor’s Proposals
If you need a major repair or replacement of your heating or cooling unit, you need to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible without compromising quality. The only way you can tell that an offer isn’t too expensive or too cheap is to compare proposals.
Ask different companies that have great credentials to provide written estimates, then compare the costs, warranties, financing programs, project time frame, and service offers, including how much they can help you save. Weigh the good and bad of each proposal before making up your mind.
Sign the Proposal in Ink
After you identify an HVAC technician who ticks every box, it’s time to sign the proposal before the work gets started. That will lock in the rates discussed and ensure you receive all the services mentioned. In case the company fails to deliver, you’ll have protection. 
Consult a Trustworthy HVAC Company in Florida
With the tips above, choosing a dependable HVAC contractor to take care of your heating and cooling needs will be easy. If you are looking for an experienced HVAC company you can trust, work with Veteran Air Conditioning.
Our transparent and respectful technicians offer unmatched HVAC services in Sarasota and Bradenton, and we’re fully committed to providing a comfortable environment for you. Get in touch today!

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