All drains get clogged over time, whether they are located in the kitchen or bathroom. A buildup of soap, food waste, debris, hair, mineral deposits, and lodged objects may be inevitable, but what matters is how fast you address the clog.
Sadly, we tend to ignore the problem, expecting the obstruction in the drain to clear itself. What we don’t realize is that a clogged drain is more than an annoyance. If left unattended, it has long-lasting consequences on your home, family, and finances. Here are reasons why you should repair clogged drains immediately.

Plumbing System Damage
A buildup of objects puts extra pressure on the pipes connected to your sink, tub, and garbage disposal. When this pressure is combined with that of stagnated water, it causes the pipes to crack, burst or wear. Sadly, the leaks don’t always get noticed on time and can easily damage surrounding areas. Even if the pipes don’t crack, they get weakened, diminishing their lifespan.

A Clog may Cause Structural Damage to the Home
A clogged drain is bad news for your home. When you try to force water through an obstructed drain, the water backs up, finds cracks, and leaks in the surrounding area. If it happens to pool around your foundation, it will weaken its structural integrity. This endangers your family and costs you thousands of dollars in rebuilding expenses. In extreme cases, a drain clog can cause a flood, leading to costly losses if it soaks your electronics, appliances, or furniture.

Prevent Water Contamination and other Health Risks
A functional drain prevents the growth of harmful bacteria inside your pipes as it washes away all the unwanted waste that may harbor bacteria. When you decide to live with a slow drain, it means you are offering dangerous bacteria perfect breeding ground. And if the trapped wastewater overflows and reach your sink, it will introduce disease-causing microbes to your home. Whenever you encounter a stubborn clog, hire a qualified plumber to keep your family safe from water-borne illnesses.

Bad Odors
A drain that is in perfect condition not only flushes away bacteria but also prevents sewer-like smells from being released into your home. The bacteria living and feeding off the waste buildup is what causes the smell. These unpleasant odors can cause extreme discomfort to everyone at home, prevent you from carrying out routine chores around the sink, and even embarrass you when you have guests around. Foul odors have also been known to cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, and irritability in the eyes, nose, and throat.
Pests and Mold
Pests thrive where the is plenty of food and water, and most prefer to live near stagnant water. A blocked drain that isn’t fixed on time will attract critters and other pests as it offers a constant food and water supply. Mosquitoes can also breed on the water leaks around blocked drains. Even worse, the moistness created by drain pipe leaks may promote mold growth on walls and other hidden areas.
Aesthetic Damage
Nobody likes the look of water stains and discoloration on walls and other surfaces. When water backs up and overflows due to blockages, it could stain the walls around your sink and bathroom. Don’t let a clogged drain compromise the aesthetic strengths of your living space.

Call a Trusted Sarasota Plumber to Clear Out Your Clogged Drains
Instead of using acidic chemical drain cleaners that may corrode your pipes, contact a qualified plumber in Sarasota or Bradenton, FL to resolve your drain blockage. At Veteran Air & Plumbing, we have a team of fully licensed and insured plumbers who will promptly respond to any of your plumbing issues. Call us today, and we will take care of your clog swiftly and effectively.

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