During the sweltering heat of summer, your air conditioning will work hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. But all this comes at a steep price—astronomical air conditioning costs. Luckily, you don’t have to run your AC at full blast to shelter yourself from the harsh temps. Below are some solutions you can use to lower your AC electricity bill this summer.
And if you need to get your AC ready for summer, Veteran Air is ready to help you.
Seal Your Windows for Air Leaks
If you aren’t ready to swap out your old windows for a more energy-efficient design, you can still reduce the costs of cooling your home by sealing leaks. Apart from tightly locking windows on hot days, caulk any gaps, and install weather stripping. This ensures no cool air escapes, helping you cut your energy consumption. Apart from windows, remember to seal openings in your door frame, attic, and utility access.
Use a Programmable Thermostat
A thermostat with smart features can help you regulate your home’s temperature and cut summer energy costs with much ease. It will adjust temperatures depending on your routine, and when the temps reach the desired levels, it will turn off the AC. When you’re out of the house, the thermostat will raise the temperature, then lower it back down when you’re about to come back. If you typically keep your home at 72 degrees, bump up the temperatures to 78 degrees. This is within most people’s comfort range, and it will help you lower your AC’s power consumption.
Use Ceiling Fans for Air Circulation
To take some burden off your air conditioning and start saving money, get a ceiling fan. When you’ve raised your temperatures to reduce summer energy consumption, a fan can help you feel up to 8 degrees cooler while only using 10 percent of the energy of an AC. Make sure the fan you buy moves counterclockwise. Such a fan pulls cool air from the ground and blows it back to you rather than just circulating warm air.
Replace Air Filters
An air filter traps all the particles that contaminate indoor air. Over time, these particles clog the filter, making your air conditioner work harder to circulate fresh air. Cleaning or replacing your air filter every three months will help the AC run efficiently and preventing it from draining excess energy. You’ll benefit from clean indoor air, reduced energy bills, and the extended lifespan of your AC. When you change the filter of your Florida home, don’t forget to schedule a professional AC tune-up to keep the system running smoothly.
Use Window Treatments to Block the Sun
When the blistering sun streams in through your windows, it raises your home’s temps forcing your AC to work harder. During the day, keep your drapes and blinds close on the windows facing the sun. To reflect the sun away, use light-colored window treatments. Alternatively, you can hang two drapes together. If night temperatures are cool, you can open the curtains and windows to ventilate the rooms.
Partner With Veteran Air to Keep Your AC Working Efficiently
There are plenty of methods you can deploy to minimize your air conditioner’s energy usage. But as long as your AC isn’t well maintained, you won’t see the full benefits of your power-saving measures. Schedule an AC tune-up with Veteran Air to keep your unit in top shape and start saving money. Our team of technicians is experienced, licensed, and insured.
Whenever you need AC services in Florida or Bradenton, give us a call today!

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