What are the Best Ways to Heat or Cool Your Florida Sunroom?

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Here in Florida, having a sunroom is an ideal way to relish in our beautiful weather from right inside your home. When temperatures begin to rise or fall, however, your sunroom space can end up being less than enjoyable.

At Veteran Air, we’re pleased to offer local Bradenton homeowners a variety of options to heat or cool their sunrooms all year long.

How Can You Heat a Sunroom?

Let’s be honest; living in Bradenton, FL, we don’t often have face problems with needing to heat our homes. During the winter months, however, it’s not uncommon to have days or weeks where the temperatures drop to uncomfortable lows that can make sitting in your sunroom an unpleasant experience.

When this happens, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of options you can use to better heat the sunroom area of your home, including:

  • Space Heaters: If you’re searching for a simple and budget-friendly way to heat your sunroom, space heaters are an optimal solution. Just be forewarned that they can take some time to kick in.
  • Expand Your HVAC Vents: When you’re in the market for a more consistent heating method, you can always consider adding additional HVAC vents to your sunroom. Just be sure that the size of your HVAC system can handle the additional square footage.

How Can You Cool Your Sunroom?

During the summer months, Florida temperatures can reach highs that make sunrooms stifling and unpractical. If you want to continue using the space, however, added HVAC vents can be beneficial for cooling, as well as heating.

Thankfully, though, extra vents aren’t the only option Veteran Air has to offer:

  • Window AC Units: Depending on the structure and durability of the windows in your sunroom, adding a window unit can help keep you comfortable all summer long. This is an especially good option when your current HVAC unit can’t support any extra square footage.
  • Ductless AC Units: While ductless AC units might cost more upfront, they provide an added bonus of being incredibly energy-efficient. They’re also much quieter than a traditional window unit and won’t block any of your gorgeous Florida views by taking up a window.

One sunroom cooling option you should avoid, however, is portable AC units. While these might seem like an attractive option if your space can’t support a window unit, they’re not. Not only are they costly in terms of energy bills, but they’re also not that good at actually cooling down a room.

Learn More About Keeping Your Sunroom Comfortable in Bradenton, FL

Don’t let fluctuating temperatures keep you from enjoying your Florida sunroom. Let the Veteran Air team help you find a reliable way of heating and cooling your space and keeping your family comfortable.

If you’d like to work with the leading HVAC company in Bradenton, give us a call today or fill out our online form to schedule a free quote.

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