What Happens When You Skip The Annual HVAC Maintenance

You always hear the experts say that you should NEVER skip the annual HVAC maintenance. They actually have a point. When any system, equipment or appliance goes for long without any maintenance, that can compromise its performance.
Your HVAC system runs practically the whole time – at least, as long as someone is in your house. Regardless of how sophisticated or expensive your system is, it will wear out over time. The thing is, you will not always see the signs that it is about to break down – until it is too late.
This is why the annual check-up is very important. The HVAC maintenance will allow you to spot any damage in the unit that needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are the common problems that you can avoid if you stay true to the yearly maintenance check-up of your HVAC system.

Dirty Air Filters
These filters are responsible for the clean air circulating in your home. As it cleans the air from outside, it naturally accumulates dirt. This is why experts suggest that the air filter is cleaned or replaced at least every 3 months. Without the regular maintenance, this will compromise the quality of air in your home – leading to respiratory ailments.

Refrigerant Leaks
The HVAC system needs a good amount of refrigerant to be able to perform well. If it goes lower than what is necessary because of a leak, then that can compromise the heating and cooling abilities of the unit. There will also be a hissing sound. Fortunately, this can be spotted when you conduct the annual HVAC maintenance. But if you chose to ignore it, then that is where the problem will start.

Clogged Drains
Part of the annual HVAC maintenance service is checking the condensation drains of the unit. This has to be free from dirt and debris – otherwise, the water will pool inside the AC and can spill over your home. It can also cause damage in the part of your house where the unit is placed. You might not just have to spend on the HVAC unit, you might have to pay for the repair of your home.

Filthy Ducts
The last part of the HVAC system that can be compromised is inside the ductwork. Even the ducts accumulate dirt and you need to make sure this is cleaned regularly. Not only that, these should be checked for leaks. If the duct is not maintained, it can develop molds and other debris. That can compromise the air in your home and cause some respiratory illness.
As you can see, these can be avoided if you only stay true to the yearly HVAC maintenance. Some people think that they are saving money by skipping these check-ups. They are wrong. If your system breaks down unexpectedly, that might end up making you spend more. Some damages can be avoided if it is cleaned regularly or if damages are spotted immediately. When repairs and replacements are done on time, it can lengthen the life of the HVAC system. Not only that, it will help make the system function efficiently and effectively. That will make the system consume less energy and save you money on your electric bill.

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