The average person visits the toilet about 2,500 times a year, or around 7 times a day. This tells you how important these private spaces are. Although your toilet can withstand a lot, it has a breaking point. So, how do you know your toilet is approaching its twilight years? And how do you pick one that meets your needs?
Read on to learn how.
Signs Your Toilet Needs to be Replaced
There is a Crack in Your Toilet Tank or Bowl – Cracks on any porcelain part is a clear toilet warning sign. These fissures will ultimately cause leaks that will damage the flooring underneath your toilet. If they aren’t addressed, you could soon have a completely broken toilet.
It Runs Constantly – Most running toilets go undetected for months. If you have detected and worked on the issue multiple times unsuccessfully, it’s time to consult a qualified plumber about a replacement.
It Needs Too Many Repairs – If you are always calling your local Sarasota plumber to fix clogs, overflows, leaks, and other issues, it’s an indicator your toilet is on its last legs. A new unit will save you money and give you peace of mind.
It’s Wobbly and Unsteady – When your toilet begins to act like a rocking chair, there is something serious going on; Either the screws are loose, or a slow leak has caused the floor under it to rot. Call a plumber right away to evaluate the issue and arrange a toilet replacement.
It’s Just too Old- The average lifespan of a toilet is 10-15 years. If yours has served you faithfully for nearly a decade and a half, it’s time to consider retiring it. The latest toilet models have some amazing features that could help you save money.
Lots of Surface Damage – We all want to create the best impression when our guests are around. But scratches, chips, mineral deposits, and permanent stains can negatively impact the aesthetics of your toilet, sending the wrong signals about you. In this case, only a toilet upgrade will restore your bathroom’s glamor.
Now, how do you pick the right toilet for your home?
Choosing the Perfect Toilet
Make Sure it’s a High-Efficiency Model – The latest toilet innovations allow you to save over 20% of the water used in every flush. Instead of using 1.6 gallons, these toilets use 1.28 or even 1.0 gallons without sacrificing performance. In the long-term, you’ll make some significant water and money savings.
Take Measurements – Different toilets come in different sizes. Always measure the width, depth, and height of your bathroom before making a choice. You don’t want the toilet affecting comfort levels, taking up extra space, or blocking your doors, drawers, and cabinets.
What’s your Preferred Style? – There are many toilet designs that can match your bathroom’s style. They range from the common two-piece where the tank rests on the bowl to the one-piece toilet where everything is housed in one unit. There is also the elegant wall mounted toilet.
Consider a Dual-Flush Toilet – These toilets have two push buttons: One for flushing solids and the other for liquids. You’ll save a quarter of the water you use in a regular 1.6-gallon toilet.
Talk to an Experienced Plumber Before a Toilet Replacement
Before you swap your problematic toilet for a new one, it’s highly recommended you talk to a professional plumber. These experts know the pros and cons of each toilet brand, model, and style, and they will help you select a unit that fits your family’s needs and is reliable and cost-effective in the long term.
Whether you want to install a new toilet or get it fixed, feel free to get in touch with Veteran Air & Plumbing: A distinguished Plumbing and HVAC company that proudly serves the residents of Sarasota, Bradenton, FL, and other nearby areas. Call us today 941-404-1788!

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