When temperatures begin to climb across Florida, our first instinct is to crank up our air conditioners to get some respite from the heat. However, during these moments when we need our AC systems to perform flawlessly, they don’t always deliver the expected results. Some fail to keep our homes cool because they are being pushed too hard, while others do the opposite of what we expect them to do–blowing hot air instead of cool air.
So, why do air conditioners blow hot air? Read on to learn the causes of this problem and the best solutions.  
The Thermostat is on the Wrong Setting
Before anything else, check whether your thermostat is in the correct setting. Maybe it’s accidentally set to “heat”, that’s why it’s blowing warm air. This fix is simple–just switch it back to the “cool” setting. If the settings look correct, you may need to recalibrate the thermostat. Wondering how to calibrate a thermostat? Talk to one of our Sarasota AC specialists, and we will help you out.
You Have a Dirty Air Filter
The air filter is one of the key components of your air conditioning system. It removes solid contaminants such as smoke, dust, and pollen from the air we breathe to ensure better air quality. With time, these pollutants build up on the filter and block the passage of cool air inside the ducts. That means your AC can’t circulate refreshing air around your home. The solution is to clean or change the filter at least every two months.
The Evaporator Coils are Frozen
When your dirty air filter obstructs the free movement of air, sheets of ice begin to accumulate on the coil. This eventually prevents the coils from absorbing the necessary amount of heat from the air, resulting in your AC blowing warm air. If the evaporator coil is frozen, power off your unit and give the ice time to thaw before you run the system again.
Refrigerant Leaks
One of the common causes of an air conditioner blowing hot air is low refrigerant levels. When there is a refrigerant leak, the AC won’t have the proper charge to complete the cooling cycles. That means your unit will struggle to move hot air out of your home, especially when the temps are sweltering. Since refrigerants are highly toxic, don’t attempt the fix on your own. Instead, partner with a professional AC technician who has the proper certifications for refrigerant handling.
Dirty Condenser Coils
If you’ve inspected the air filter, indoor unit, and thermostat, it’s time to check your outdoor AC. The condenser has coils that dirt, dust, and debris can clog, obstructing free airflow. The dirt buildup causes undue strain on the entire unit, wearing down AC parts, and reducing the overall efficiency of your system. To correct the problem, switch off the AC at its main power source, and remove any leaves and debris. Clean the fine dust by vacuuming the condenser with a brush attachment or hosing it off.
AC Blowing Hot Air? Talk to a Qualified AC Technician
If you’ve explored all the options above, but you can’t figure out the root cause of the problem, it’s best you talk to an AC expert. Veteran Air Conditioning is a distinguished company that can help you troubleshoot any air conditioner problem, identify the reason behind the issue, and deliver a lasting fix. To book an appointment with our experienced Sarasota and Bradenton AC technicians, give us a call today!

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