All too often, homeowners make the mistake of going after a
bargain when it comes to their HVAC system. They make the choice to use
unlicensed AC repairmen in an attempt to save a few dollars—but does the decision
cost them in the end?

At Veteran Air of Sarasota-Bradenton,
we understand the value in working with licensed air conditioning technicians.
If you want the best for your family, don’t trust your AC unit to unqualified

What are the Benefits of Using Licensed Sarasota-Bradenton HVAC

In the middle of the hot Florida summer, Sarasota-Bradenton
homeowners rely heavily on their HVAC systems. If your air conditioner breaks
down, it’s crucial that you hire a certified business to handle the repairs.

You might be asking yourself: “Why is a license so

At Veteran Air, we can think of several reasons.

Insurance & Workman’s Compensation

If a “business owner” can’t be bothered to get a license for
their company, there’s a good chance he or she won’t be covered under insurance

In the unfortunate event something gets damaged while AC
work is being done on your property, a licensed AC company will have insurance
to protect them.

Did you know that if an uninsured HVAC service provider is
injured at a customer’s home, they can sue the homeowner for damages? Licensed
companies, however, will also have workman’s compensation insurance to protect
their employees.

Extensive Knowledge About HVAC Technology

When you work with a licensed air conditioning technician,
they will have widespread knowledge about all the current systems and
equipment. This allows them to find ideal product options for your home and
ensure you’re getting top-notch service.

Certified HVAC specialists will also have up-to-date
information on building codes, rules, and regulations.

Cost-Effective Services

Since many homeowners choose unlicensed repairmen as a way
to save money, it might seem surprising that a licensed air conditioner
technician will actually be more cost-effective.

Given their knowledge and experience, certified HVAC
companies will be able to provide more reliable services and repairs. There
will be less of a chance for breakdowns, which means less money spent in the
long-run. Most licensed AC companies will also provide warranties on their

Contact Us for More Information on Hiring Licensed Air Conditioner

Whether you’re suffering from a HVAC system breakdown or you
need an AC replacement, it’s in your best interest to employ a licensed air
conditioning technician.

At Veteran Air of Sarasota-Bradenton our employees are
highly-trained to ensure our customers get top-notch service 100% of the time.

Set-up your free consultation today by calling (941) 254-2800 and speaking with one of our certified Veteran Air technicians.

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