About Us

Almost every day, someone asks us – where did you get the name Veteran Air?

Here’s the story.

On both my parents’ sides, my family has a long, dedicated history of serving our country. This dates back to cavalry, when the cavalry actually had horses. My father was a proud American with a family legacy. Both his father and brothers served our country. Growing up, my father instilled these values in me: respect, politeness and general human decency. Continuing with my family legacy, I joined the U.S Army and served in the 11th Armored Cavalry, Medical Troop, Fulda, Germany as a combat medic.

Today, my son Joseph is currently serving our country with the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He has completed one tour in Afghanistan and is scheduled to return for a second tour in 2013.

2015 UPDATE: We are happy to have Joe back home safe from the 101st Airborne and now serving the Communities of Sarasota and Manatee as a realtor.

Over the last twenty years of working in the air conditioning business, I found myself enjoying the time I was able to spend with the seniors of our community, especially the ones that served our country in foreign wars. The sacrifices and the stories would keep me in their homes long after I completed the service of the air conditioning units, and I found myself discounting the services I provided them with and going the extra mile, as though I owed it to them.

As my career grew and I started my own business, I continued with helping out Veterans, Police, Firefighters and first responders. They deserve it, and I will always give them a little bit more, just as they have done for us.

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