With summer in full swing in Nokomis your air conditioner is probably running around the clock in order to keep you cool. Unfortunately, that means you see an increase in your utility bill, which means a decrease in your bank account. Now is the best time to make sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape in order to prevent unnecessary cost.

Veteran Air specialist, Kevin Henault has some suggestions to help lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption. AC efficiency is mostly a function of the technology,” Henualt says, “Keep the filter clean to allow for good air movement and keep the unit level so the condensation drains properly.” Replacing older room units with newer units, can cut your energy costs in half. Look for a high-energy-efficiency ratio, or EER, or an Energy Star-qualified unit. Higher EER ratings mean a more efficient air conditioner. Energy Star refers to a system adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy to identify energy-efficient products.

Lower your air conditioner’s thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home, but let it rise when you are away from home. You can save 5 percent to 15 percent on your air-conditioning bills by raising the temperature setting on your thermostat when you’re away and don’t need cooling. Also, set the AC fan speed on high, except on very humid days. The slower air movement through the air-conditioning system removes more moisture from the air, which improves the comfort in your home.

For more energy and costs saving tips in Nokomis, contact Veteran Air at 941-404-1788 today.

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