With spring in full swing, many people begin to think about their summer vacation plans. You might be thinking of heading to a tropical beach with an umbrella drink or maybe you are thinking of a cross-country road trip.
Whatever your plans for vacations are, you will surely want to leave your house in the best possible condition. It is important to consider preparing your home for the time you will be away – whether that is for a long weekend or the entire summer!
Multiple factors are well-thought-out, for example, asking your neighbor to check your mail or telling them to keep an eye on the house in your absence.
But another very important point you need to consider is what you should do with the air conditioner. You might think that since you are not home is a good decision to turn it off for the time being. 
Why People Turn Their AC off on Vacation
As no one likes to waste money, especially on electricity bills, many homeowners turn off their AC on as no one is home, so it will help them save money.
But to avoid the house and what is inside from being damaged, it is necessary to maintain the indoor temperature.
What Happens When You Turn Your AC off for a Long Period?
If you turn off the air conditioner and your house is not properly insulated, your house can become extremely hot in the summer heat.
The refrigerator in your house will also work up to twice as hard to keep the contents cool. It will not only increase the bill but will also put added pressure on the refrigerator.  
Air conditioners do more than just cool your home. They circulate the air and remove humidity. The level of humidity normally increases in the hotter summer months.
If your AC is not working for an extended period, the humidity level will increase. High humidity provides an optimum environment for molds, dust mites, and fleas to grow.
Shutting off the AC can lead to

Growth of molds and mites
Swelling of doors
Buckling wood floors
Peeling paint
Warped wood furniture
Added stress on appliances

Functions Performed by Your Air Conditioner
The air conditioner not only keeps the temperature of the house moderate but also performs many other functions.

It helps to keep the home in a comfortable temperature range.
The air conditioner removes moisture from the air.
Keeps the mold and bugs away, as moisture can lead to mold growth.
Air conditioners prevent paint from peeling and helps hinder buckling of wood floors.

The humidity level of the house should not exceed 50%. Otherwise, it will start to cause multiple problems.
Air Conditioner Setting
Although keeping it at the same level would waste unnecessary energy. Instead of turning it off, turn it up!  There is no need to cool the entire house in the same way you normally do when you are home.
Set the temperature no higher than 84°F when you are on vacation.  Keep the humidity level of your house between 45-55%. If you have a programmable thermostat, adjust all the time block settings.
To keep your air conditioner working efficiently when you are gone, it is recommended that you hire a professional for regular maintenance visits to make sure that its internal components are in good condition. Veteran Air has a team of highly trained technicians you can depend on to keep your system working year-round.

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