Ceiling fans may seem old-fashioned, but they are not about to run out of style yet. These mechanical fixtures have a huge role to play in your home’s comfort and your energy savings plan–but only if you use them right. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s okay to run your AC and ceiling fan together, it’s totally fine, and professional AC experts in Sarasota recommend it.
Here’s what you need to know about running an air conditioner and a ceiling fan together.
Role of Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans can’t cool the air on their own. Instead, their job is to keep the air moving. And they do an outstanding job of redistributing conditioned air throughout your home. As their blades rotate counterclockwise, they move the cool air down to the space we sit, sleep, and live in, allowing us to feel a refreshing breeze.
How Supplementing Your Cooling with a Ceiling Fan Helps
A ceiling fan stops cooled air from concentrating in one area by spreading it out to all corners of the room. That means your air conditioner won’t have to work longer to cool every zone, helping you reduce energy consumption. The air the fan blows also helps disperse body heat and evaporate sweat with ease, cooling us naturally and preventing us from cranking up the AC unit.
How to Use an AC and Ceiling Fan Together
You now know that using your air conditioner and ceiling fan together can save you some serious money and intensify the feeling of comfort. But how do you actually get the most out of your fan?
Set the thermostat four degrees higher and turn on the ceiling fan. This fan will redistribute cool air faster, reducing the amount of time the AC has to run to cool your home. So if your air conditioner is running at 76 degrees during the summer, you can turn it four degrees up to 80 degrees. This will save you money without compromising comfort.
How Much Will a Ceiling Fan Help Me Save?
It’s true; the air conditioning system and ceiling fan combo will reduce energy consumption. But how much money can it put back in your pocket? Looking at typical utility rates, an AC costs 43 cents per hour to run, while a fan costs around 1 cent to operate in the same period. 
By pushing your AC a few degrees up, you can save up to 17 cents an hour. When you minus the penny it costs to run the fan, you are left with a decent 16 cents. Considering that air conditioners run for about 6 hours a day during the hot season, you could save around $30 a month.
Can Ceiling Fans Help Heat a Home?
Ceiling fans aren’t just useful during the summer. In the cold season, they can help your home feel more comfortable. Since hot air rises, the heated air in your house will stay at the top of the room, near the ceiling. Setting the fan to rotate clockwise on low speed will push down and redistribute that warm air back into the part of the room you’re inhabiting. You will feel much warmer without straining your heating unit.
Need More Ways to Save Energy? Partner with Veteran Air Conditioning
Looking to make your home more energy-efficient all year round? Veteran Air can help you with that. We can give you personalized recommendations that fit your household and keep your HVAC system running optimally. To talk to our licensed and insured HVAC professionals, give us a call today!

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