As a homeowner, you know leaks are one of the biggest threats to your home and wallet. While we all worry about leaking faucets, sinks, and water heaters, most of us don’t give much thought to our toilets as long as they seem to operate perfectly. Yet, a toilet may work fine but leak silently.
Tests have shown that a single leaking toilet can waste an extra 22 gallons of water every day. That means in a year, you are literally flushing down hundreds of dollars and thousands of gallons of usable water. Continue reading to learn how to identify signs and causes of a leaky toilet and avoid high water bills.
Signs of a Leaking Toilet
The Toilet is Always Running – A toilet flush normally takes 10-15 seconds. If you’ve got to jiggle the handle to make your toilet stop running, you’ve got a problem.
Noises From the Toilet When it’s not in Use – The toilet water tank generally refills in under 3 minutes. If you keep hearing the sound of flowing water after the toilet flushes and the tank refills, it may indicate a leak.
Damp or Stained Floor – A damp, stained, or wet floor is a common sign that your toilet is leaking. If there is discoloration, floor damage, or water pooling around the toilet base, you need to consult a professional plumber in Sarasota, FL.
Ghost Flushing – Have you ever heard your toilet flushing on its own? That’s ghost flushing. The flush sound occurs when water silently leaks from the tank, and a refill is activated abruptly. It means you have a broken component that needs to be fixed.
Your Water Bill is Higher than Normal – Have you noticed a sudden rise in your water bills? Well, some toilet leaks are super silent and leave no obvious traces except an enormous bill. Only an experienced plumber can help you locate and repair the leak.
Common Causes of a Leaking Toilet
There are many issues that can cause an internal or external toilet leak. Most of the time, the problem develops because of a worn-out flapper, loose bolts, and misaligned pipes and valves. Other reasons include cracks in the tank or bowl, damaged tank to bowl connections, and a bad float.
How to Check for a Toilet Leak
The best DIY method of identifying a silently leaking toilet is the food dye test. Open the toilet tank, drip 5 drops of blue or red food dye, and wait for 30 minutes. When you return, check whether you can spot any food coloring in the toilet bowl water.
If it’s colored, it means the water from the tank is continuously seeping into your bowl. If you decide not to flush the dye in the tank for a few hours, don’t be surprised if you come back later and find the colored water in the tank looking almost clear. That’s a sign of a serious leak.
What to Do if Your Toilet is Leaking
While the food coloring test will tell you if the toilet tank is leaking, it won’t point out which component is causing the leak. Only a highly skilled and knowledgeable plumber will help you determine the exact source of the problem and plan the best course of action. And Veteran Air & Plumbing are the experts to work with.
Talk to the Experienced Sarasota Plumbers
Our team of Sarasota/Bradenton plumbers has undergone extensive training, and we are fully licensed and insured. We will contain the toilet leak, help you get a stronger flush, and find solutions that will drastically cut your water bill. Call us today!

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