In case you haven’t noticed, our Florida temperatures are on the rise, and the summer months are here.

The hotter it gets, the more local homeowners depend on their HVAC systems to keep cool. Now that we are experiencing some of the hottest days of the year, it might be time to consider whether or not it is time to upgrade your HVAC system.

If you’re considering an HVAC replacement, Veteran Air is here to help answer the top 5 most frequently asked questions we receive about the process!

How Much Does a New AC System Cost?

Money talks, and that’s why one of the most common questions we hear is how much the cost of a new HVAC system will be.

Unfortunately, however, there’s no exact answer. Pricing is going to vary based on a number of factors including the type of air conditioner you’re interested in, the size of the unit you’ll need, and any additional accessories you may choose to add.

The benefit of ordering a new unit from Veteran Air Conditioning is that we offer a great financing program that allows you to purchase a brand new system with 0% financing for up to 12 months. This takes most of the stress out of having to upgrade your system.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

At Veteran Air, we believe one of the most important parts of any HVAC system installation is ensuring you choose the right size unit for your home. The most efficient way of making this decision is to have a Manual J calculation performed at your home. This calculation considers several variables, such as:

Square Footage of Your Home
Your Area’s Climate Zone
Number and Types of Windows Around Your Home
Grade and Amount of Insulation Used

What SEER Rating Should My New HVAC System Be?

Each HVAC system is given a particular seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER). This rating helps to illustrate the amount of energy it will take to heat and cool your home. While the Federal government mandates each homeowner’s SEER rating should be at least a 13 or 14, the numbers go as high as 25.

How Long Will My HVAC System’s Ductwork Last?

To improve the energy-efficiency of your Bradenton home, it’s vital to ensure you have high-quality ductwork in place. While the maximum lifespan of most ductwork is 20-25 years, it can begin to diminish in quality around year 15.

How Long Will My New HVAC Installation Take?

This question has a two-part answer. Depending on whether you’re having a changeout or full-system replacement performed, the longer the service can take.

When you’re dealing with a simple changeout, or the switch to a new furnace or air conditioner, the project will be finished in as little as one day. For a full-system replacement that involves installing new ductwork, however, you’re looking at approximately a 3-day project.

Schedule a Free AC Inspection and Estimate Today in Bradenton

If you’re trying to decide whether you need a new air conditioning unit for your Bradenton home or not, don’t wait for a major breakdown! Give the Veteran Air team a call at 941-404-1788 today or fill out our online form to schedule a free in-home AC inspection and pricing estimate.

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