It’s kind of a double-edged sword when it comes to cooling off your Florida home, especially during hot summer months when temperatures are uncomfortably high.

Not only do you want and need a powerful HVAC system that can keep your home cool, but you’re also probably looking for an energy-efficient unit that can help lower their monthly bills. When improving energy costs is a top priority, it’s crucial to consider the SEER rating of your AC unit.

At Veteran Air, we understand the benefit of finding a balance between affordable HVAC systems and energy efficiency. Before you rush out and buy a new unit as a result of this hot summer, you should first consider what a SEER rating means to you.

What is a SEER Rating for HVAC Systems?

In 2011, the Department of Energy revised its energy standards and began encouraging homeowners to consider more energy-efficient household appliances.

In compliance with these standards, many HVAC system manufacturers began to analyze and test their products’ cooling capabilities and the amount of electricity needed to run their units. Based on the data collected, these companies were able to assign each unit with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or a SEER Rating.

An air conditioner’s SEER rating is determined based on cooling results obtained in three different types of climate conditions:

Humid Indoor Conditions
Dry Indoor Conditions
Dry Conditions While Cycling the AC Unit On for 6 Minutes and Off for 24 Minutes

How Do You Know What SEER Rating is Right for Your Home?

When you’re ready to buy a new air conditioning unit in Florida, it’s essential to weigh all of your options in terms of a SEER rating.

In making your choice, however, the first thing to consider is that different areas have minimum rating requirements—in Florida, the minimum is a SEER rating of 14.

Beyond that minimum, you have to weigh the pros and cons of various SEER ratings. The highest rating available is 23, and it provides the most energy-efficiency of all available units. With higher ratings like this, you will have much lower energy bills, but you will also pay more upfront for your HVAC system.

Alternatively, lower-rated units won’t cost as much to purchase initially, but they won’t offer much savings on your monthly bills.

One of the best ways to determine if a unit is right for your home is to speak with an experienced air conditioning tech, like the team at Veteran Air.

Learn More About How Your SEER Rating Affects Your HVAC System in Florida

If you want to stay cool during the hot Florida summer, having a high-functioning air conditioning system is key. Just remember, however, that not every unit is going to offer the same benefits as another.

If you’re looking to improve the energy-efficiency of your home, Veteran Air is here to help!

Give us a call today at 941-404-1788 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about how a SEER rating affects your home.

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