A successful DIY repair has a way of putting a smile on one’s face. It helps you acquire new skills, save money, and makes you feel proud of yourself. However, some jobs around our homes are best left to the professionals no matter how confident you are.
So, if you’re facing the dilemma of whether to tackle an AC repair on your own or hire a professional AC technician to do it for you, stop and think again. Simply put, performing an air conditioner repair requires advanced skills and extensive knowledge, and experimenting with your unit is a bad idea that may end up costing you more in the long run.
Below are five good reasons to leave DIY AC repairs off your to-do list.
Opening a Unit Without the Right Skills is Dangerous
If you decide to take your AC unit apart, diagnose it, and perform a “fix” without the proper skills, you could endanger yourself, your family, and the unit. Air conditioning systems use very high voltage electricity that can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. Again, some AC components like the refrigerant contain hazardous chemicals that need to be handled with extreme caution. That’s why air conditioning technicians undergo years of training and field practice before being certified to handle AC jobs.
You Could Reduce the Efficiency of Your System
Mastering all the AC components and how they depend on each other to cool your home requires advanced knowledge. Any error on your part will can easily compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner. Again, each system needs to be maintained to manufacturer standards, and there is no way to tell that a DIY fix will pass that threshold. To improve the durability and performance of your unit, it’s best you work with a licensed AC expert.
You Might Break the Law
Are you aware there are laws and regulations around some AC components? The law specifically states that only qualified and certified persons may handle the highly toxic cooling refrigerant. Tasks such as refilling or disposing of a refrigerant are a no-go zone. Only HVAC specialists who are fully certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency are allowed by the law to repair air conditioners.
A DIY AC Repair Will Void Your Warranty
If your air conditioning system is under the warranty period from the seller, performing DIY repairs will break the warranty. Most manufacturers require proof that a certified AC specialist has done all past maintenance tasks and repairs before you qualify for warranty service. If you go ahead with the repairs, you’ll have no coverage when unexpected issues arise.
The DIY May Cost you More in the Long Term
Troubleshooting an AC problem without the proper knowledge will take lots of time, and you may end up replacing parts that weren’t in bad condition in the first place. Even worse, your DIY work may worsen the current problem or create another issue altogether. Now, you’ll have to get a professional AC technician to fix two issues. Again, a substandard DIY fix will ultimately affect the lifespan of your unit, forcing you to budget for a new AC prematurely.
Talk to Veteran Air Conditioning About Your AC Troubles
With so many DIY guides floating on the internet, it’s easy to get tempted to repair your AC. However, that will only do more harm than good. Instead of taking risks, feel free to talk to Veteran Air Conditioning, and we will tackle your AC maintenance and repairs. Our AC technicians in Sarasota and Bradenton have undergone extensive training, are certified and fully insured. Give us a call anytime!

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